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What is the difference between a Dye Based and Pigment Ink?

Each ink formula is a combination of additives, colorants, solvents and of course water.

The colorant used is either a dye or pigment.

Dyes, made of small molecules, dissolve in their water-based solution.  A dye based ink stains or tints the paper. Because the dye lays flat on the paper, surface reflects light more evenly and appears more vivid. Because of this molecular structure, dye inks may fade more rapidly than pigment inks.

Pigment particles are not soluble. The size of the pigment particle is much larger compared to a dye molecule. A printout using a pigment ink may not appear as vibrant due to the more scattering of the reflected light. The larger molecules do allow a pigmented ink's print to last substantially longer than a dye-based ink's print.

Dye Based Inks:

  • Better color range
  • Shorter print longevity, more prone to fade
  • No bronzing on certain papers
  • Water resistant prints only when applied to waterproof media

Pigment Inks:

  • Longer print longevity, less prone to fade
  • Slight bronzing on certain papers
  • Compatible with a wide range of media
  • Best results with Fine Art or Matte & Resin Coated / Photo Papers
  • Water Resistant Prints on uncoated media